Bands and projects



We Float brings the listener on a journey of dramatically changing landscapes. What may seem peaceful and quiet can suddenly blow up to a heavy storm. We Float is a journey between acoustic and electronic, between hope and despair, between pop and jazz.

”In a repertoire based on relaxed rhythms and original songs with English lyrics, bassist Anne Marte Eggen and her quartet We Float reflected that Nordic coolness.” – Doug Ramsey, The Wall Street Journal

We Float are:

Anne Marte Eggen – bass, compositions and lyrics.

Linda Bergström – vocals

Fanny Gunnarsson – keys

Filip Bensefelt – drums


Ljom is a Norwegian folk-jazzband whose concept is to arrange and compose new songs from old traditional melodies or texts. They have released two records – Seterkauk (2014) and Stundom (2017). Both on the Norwegian label Kirkelig Kulturverksted.

“Their abilities, ideas and solid sense of style, urban energy, jazz elements, progressive rock and tradition, all comes together and becomes a fantastic musical treasure chest stripped of any boundaries.” – The Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten about Ljoms Seterkauk.

The band members and composers are:

Kjersti Kveli  – vocals

Sivert Skavlan – clarinet and cello

Nils Andersson – guitar

Per Walfridsson – piano and accordion

Anne Marte Eggen – bass



Cure-a-Phobia consists of musicians with different musical backgrounds ranging from jazz to folk to musicals and classical music, but with a mutual love of experimentation and improvisation. Together they produce a unique sound with a touch of jazz, pop and what one may call cabaret, with their very own signature. The music, composed by Jenny Nilsson and arranged by Cure-a-Phobia, follows no written rules or patterns. It is seldom fixed to a specific key or time signature but is still rhythmic and somehow logical. The lyrics are touching, funny, or questioning and invite personal interpretations.

Cure-a-Phobia are:

Jenny Nilsson – lead vocals, glockenspiel and compositions

Elina Nygren – viola and musical saw

Fanny Gunnarsson – piano, accordion and vocals

Anne Marte Eggen –  electric bass



Eka trio is a Swedish/Norwegian/Finnish jazz group who plays own compositions with musical curiosity and a melancholy tone. With their music they portray themes of autumn, snow melting and entomophobia. They released their debut album Eka in 2017.

“With their freshman effort the members of the Eka trio have already demonstrated their immense talent and their spirited individuality. Their uniqueness stems not only from their refreshingly imaginative material but also from their bold creativity and accomplished musicianship.” – Hrayr Attarian,
Eka trio are:

Tomas Hörnberg – guitar

Anne Marte Eggen – electric bass

Pontus Häggblom – drums



Pahaska is a folk-jazztrio with members from Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The music is written by oboist Emma Swensson who challenges the instruments normative rolls and genres.

Pahaska are:

Emma Swensson – oboe and comositions

Sille Ellehammer – tenor saxphone

Anne Marte Eggen – bass